Topic of the 2017 Symposium – RE/FORMATION

In our cultural circle the term of “reformation” is closely related to the now close to 500 year old ecclesiastical renewal movement headed by Martin Luther and other “reformers”. It resulted in the division of Western christianity in different confessions between 1517 to 1648.

Starting from the notion of theological reform like the idea of a free, personal faith as a spiritual individual in a greater picture, there were consequences on the whole of society. This form of reformation is not tied to religious or historical topics, it stands for renewal, rearrangement, in the usual case a recollection of the proven, in the ideal case even something transitory purposeful. Reformation is a vital part in the political and economical discourse in our society and has also a great influence on the arts.

RE/FORMATION means restoration and renewal. Is the world of today prepared for a renewal? Particularly in challenging times we have to see good opportunities for the arts and hold on to a good international format like the ERFURT JEWELLERYSYMPOSIUM.
We understand the term RE/FORMATION as the ability to reexamine the content, to expand and to adapt to the current possibilities and platforms. Luthers fundamental idea, to dust off the church as an institution and to free faith from wrong teachings and superficial rites. In the broadest sense this can be applied to the artistic work as well as the symposium itself.

Reformatting the hard-drive?
The 16th ERFURT JEWELLERYSYMPOSIUM stands for the formal as well as personal interpretation of the reformation-idea and it's significance in actual topics in politics, society, religion et cetera. The participants will fathom, define and document the diverse and often remarkably relevant variations of the concept RE/FORMATION and present the results in a contemporary manner.

The Luther anniversary of 2017 – 500 years of reformation – will attract a great number of visitors and provide the ideal platform for the ERFURT JEWELLERYSYMPOSIUM to work on and to present the jewellery arts apart from the usual avenue.

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